Scanbelt Pre-Start 110dB Alarm

The range of PST devices covers the range from the small 90 dB Eagle sirens all the way to the 120dB Klaxon sirens. The units are available as standalone, Combo or MRS compatible and also available in voltages. 24v DC and 110v AC. The range is utilized as Start Up Warning devices for conveyors, vehicles and winch systems.

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The PST23 Pre-Start Audio / Visual Alarm forms part of the MRS conveyor
protection system.
• The PST 23 is designed for In – Line (Blue Line) control.
• The unit is externally powered (24v DC)
• The PST23 receives its activation command from the RS 485 communication channel.
• The siren will actuate, and the Xenon will flash when it receives the Prestart command from the ISLR3.
• The siren tone is selectable.